New Full Volume Collection Released!

We are excited to share the release of ENVIE’s brand new false lashes in the 3D Mink, 3D Faux Mink and Premium Silk Collection. The new collection has been reviewed and tested to the utter most perfection to suit your everyday make up needs.

The new design is spread across a range of styles to suit a variety of different occasions, from bridesmaid looks to glamming up that walk down the runway, we’ve got you covered!

“The inspiration behind the new collection was picked up from a variety of events that I have attended to. Troubled with the search for the perfect lashes, I decided to choose the designs on my own that would suit a wide variety of looks”, says Ira Arz.  One of the most highlighted style in the collection includes the ‘Iconic’ 3D Mink and the soft ‘Bridesmaid’ Premium Silk collection.

It’s never easy to achieve the perfect look for every event but we are here to guide you into selecting a more suitable volume and length to your lashes.

Featuring our brand new styles:





This iconic 3D lashes are designed with a combination of short and long mink hair to create a subtle natural blend to your natural lash hair. Crafted into natural perfection for those who wants to add a little drama into their make up look.


Not suitable for the ordinary! These dramatic lashes are sure to add fire into your make up look. Designed for the daring and the bold, these 3D Mink lashes are made for all the bosses out there, featuring a criss-cross pattern to create a more natural finish to your look.


Named after Indonesia's exquisite flower of the east, our Flores 3D Mink Lashes are created to give your eyes a naturally blossoming pop! Designed with lightweight mink hair to create a perfectly natural finish on top of your natural lash.


An essential pair that you simply can't leave behind at home. Our Vacation 3D Mink lashes are designed for comfort and ease, made with softer hair and thinner black bands to create an extremely lightweight feature for your eyes.





Can't get enough of all the attention? Here's some more! With our perfectly designed Scandal 3D Faux Mink lashes, crafted with thick black flair to create a deeper finish to your eye.


Super dramatic and super fun! Add a little (or major!) twinkle to your eyes with our unique Periwinkle 3D Faux Mink lashes. Designed with a one of a kind criss-cross pattern to leave your eyes looking extra fluttery and a little fluffy.


Delicate and elegant, our Fleur Faux Mink lashes are created with extra soft fibres. Slightly longer on the outer corners, the criss-cross layering creates light, natural volume suitable for day and night wear.





Strut your eyes with these perfectly soft and lightweight silk lashes. Designed with a clear band to blend into your natural creases, suitable for any shade of eye shadow to go with your dreamy bridesmaid gown.


A little black lash never hurt nobody! Our BFF silk lash will never disappoint. Designed with a soft diamond pattern, laid across our black thin band to create a super light weight on your eyes. You will never need another lash again! 


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