Mink Lashes vs Faux Mink Lashes

Lashes are probably the hottest accessory of all and can really take a person’s look to a whole new level. The market for lashes is practically exploding with demand shooting up constantly. Suffice to say that the more expensive your lashes are the more high quality they will be, thereby helping you avoid potential damage. And there are two kinds of lashes currently leading the market; mink and faux mink.

Mink Lashes

They are known to be the more expensive lashes that is currently available in the market. Mink is popular for its soft and natural fur and as it happens, lashes are sourced from it too.

It is mostly known for its super lightweight and fluffy quality, making it the more demanding option to achieve a more natural look to your eyes.

What makes our ENVIE 3D Mink Lashes in so popular is due to its high quality and appearance that comes close to mimic real eyelashes. ENVIE Lashes caters a more dramatic design in lashes, which means more hair is required per strip of lash. What makes it such a good quality is the fact that it was handcrafted to ensure each strand of hair is placed correctly on its band, into the packaging, and shipped into your doorstep. This is a very delicate process to ensure the shape of the lashes and bands are perfect and in good condition for you to apply.

The best quality mink lashes can cost you upward of $50 and while that may seem like a steep price, you should remember that fur is also just as expensive. However, for all that expense and effort, you are able to show off lashes that practically look like they are your own. The natural look really elevates the experience and anyone who uses them can easily be spotted in a crowd!

Faux Mink Lashes

As the name faux suggests, these are basically an artificial alternative to natural mink lashes. Made from synthetic material, these are also not very cheap in terms of their price and the reason for that is the first class quality of the product. The thick yet light structure of these lashes matches natural mink lashes quite a lot and it can be a great option for those who want to use mink quality lashes but are averted to naturally sourced lashes. Depending on the place you get these from, they can cost you anywhere between $15 and $50.

Faux Mink is a recommended choice for those that are prone to allergies or those who are against the use of fur. Despite its premium quality, these synthetic lashes tend to not be as soft as real mink hair. However, it is a great alternative for those looking to still get high quality lashes without breaking the bank. ENVIE Faux Mink Lashes are created to be reusable and we provide the best materials to ensure they are long lasting to wear.

Comfort = Mink

Due to the nature of its material production, mink is considered to be the lightest option for false eyelashes out there. Thus, it provides the best comfort on the eyes, due to its lightweight feature that makes it so popular.

Natural Look = Both

With the new technology nowadays, both mink and faux mink lashes are created to create a very stylish design and also mimic your natural lashes. New technology has made the synthetic fibres on faux mink lashes to be more natural than ever, making it almost indistinguishable from real mink hair.

Better Price = Faux Mink

Of course faux mink lashes will be the better option for pricing here, with its premium quality and slightly cheaper price, it’s definitely the go to lash for anyone who still wants to glam up their day!

A general piece of advice is that you should make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of product you buy. Always go for ones that is known for its high standards!

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