Finding Comfort in Strip Lashes Bands

The right pair of false eyelashes are undoubtedly going to dramatically open up your eyes and instantly perk up your face. However, when selecting the right pair for you, it is essential to consider comfort as an important factor on the priority list alongside the style of the lashes.

ENVIE Lashes have recently launched 3D luxury eyelashes, placing major attention on the perfection of its handcrafted production method and choosing the right lashes band for maximum comfort for each of the styles.

Our range of lashes comes in 12 different sets of styles across its 3D Mink, 3D Faux Mink and Premium Silk collection. The brand pays attention to the styles of bands used for each style to achieve not only a stylish design, but also to provide extra comfort to wearers.

Lash bands are the common variable that affects comfort and fit to your eyes. 3D lashes are generally fuller and thicker, and therefore could feel as uncomfortable to wear during application. However, lightweight bands have the durability to provide extra security when it comes to applying fuller stick-on lashes. This could come in handy especially when owning a pair of 3D Faux Mink eyelashes, known to mimic the look of real mink hair, however, would not beat the extremely lightweight feature of real mink.

Amongst the brand’s original collection, the current styles of lashes are heavily reliant on the use of a cotton band. ENVIE Lashes aims to continuously improve its products through customer feedback, and to provide a more comfortable material for wearers. Our production team aims to create an even thinner use of the black cotton band to its upcoming new collection launching next month.

The current Mink and Faux Mink collection has gained popular recognition amongst a variety of bloggers, TV presenters and makeup artists on Instagram and YouTube. The lashes are available only online ranging from $22 throughout the variety of collections offering worldwide shipping for customers.

As a brand, we take part in a green recycling scheme by producing its product packaging using only recycled papers and plastic, along with the use of recycled boxes for shipping.

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