Best Way to Clean Your Used False Lashes at Home

Let’s face it, false lashes are no cheap affair and once you buy a pair, you are very much tempted to keep them for reuse instead of throwing them away. Lucky for you, a lot people are very much invested in this idea and we have more good news! It actually IS possible to recover your used false lashes and ready them for more than 20 uses! However, the trick to achieving this is to take extra care of your lashes, lucky for you, we have just the information to provide you with a step by step guide.

Removing the lashes

This is the critical part, both for the false lashes and your own lashes. Wash your hands thoroughly and start slowly and carefully taking the false lash off from the outer corner of your eyes. Hold steadily with your thumb and index finger and be very, very, GENTLE. We cannot stress on that word enough! If you are using bunches instead of a complete lash, then take off individual bunches one by one the same way. Don’t pull hard or you will not like the results at all! After the false lashes is removed, use makeup remover to clean the remaining glue from your real lashes. Do NOT pull the glue as it is or you will end up with a lot of missing lashes!

Cleaning the lashes

You will basically be cleaning two things from the lashes; glue and mascara. You can use either rubbing alcohol or water based makeup remover to clean the lashes. Use cotton swabs or paper towels for the cleaning and make sure you squeeze off any excess alcohol/makeup remover before you start cleaning. Be very gentle as to not damage the lashes and spend extra time on the bands which are the dirtiest part after usage. Once the mascara and glue is removed, dip a cotton swab in warm water and rub the lashes to complete the cleaning. Pros recommend using a spray bottle for applying alcohol/makeup remover for optimum cleaning and minimum damage.

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