Five Easy Steps to Flawless False Lashes Application

False eyelashes can be very intimidating for those who have never worn them before. If you’re someone who’s not sure what they are doing and try to dive in head first, you might end up getting glue all around your eyelids and fingers, but with the right trick and some getting used to, false lashes are not as scary as you think. They are simply another tool to add to your beauty arsenal that will add drama to any look you are rocking that day.

If you are a newbie to falsies I would suggest to buy a few sets you can play around with them and get used to applying them.

Envie Lashes blog false lashes tutorial



Prepare a few tools before starting, such as your tweezers and scissors. Use the tweezers to carefully peel your Envie lashes carefully from the tray. It's important that you pick up the lashes from the corner of the lash band to avoid damaging the lashes. This way you don't bend or tear the lashes.



Do the lashes fir the length of your eyes? This is sometimes overlooked. Hold the eyelash band with natural lash line to determine how much length needs to be trimmed and then proceed by trimming the excess outer corner if necessary. Snip the lashes with scissors starting from the inner corner (the outer corner tends to have the most volume).



Make sure you get your make up done by this point, add a layer of eyeliner as you would usually. Feel free to curl your natural eyelashes as well if you’re feeling that little bit ‘extra’.

Holding the lash with tweezers, apply just a thin line of adhesive along band from end to end and wait a about 30 seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky. If you’re using adhesive from a tube, squeeze a small amount onto the back of your hand or a clean surface then dab. And remember, the drier the glue, the easier it will stick.

Do not apply the adhesive directly on the eyelid as it will dry out and the effectiveness of it will quickly diminish. This is also to avoid damaging your eyelid and eye.



Using your tweezers, pinch the strip lash carefully in the centre and from the front. Starting in the centre of your eye, stick the lashes on your upper lid, as close as possible to your lash line. Work it out to either corner, to secure the entire strip. Avoid placing the lashes too close to the eye itself to prevent discomfort.



Use your fingertips to carefully push against the lashes to encourage the curve. If you need to touch up any eyeliner, wait until the glue dries completely. You can use eyeliner across the false lash band to give it a more natural and authentic look.


And you’re done!


Having trouble removing your eyelashes? No problem.

The best and safest way to remove your falsies is to use an ear bud or a micro swab. Simply wet the swab by its tip with water and then gently brush along the area of the lashes that sticks to your natural lash line. Another way would be to strip the lashes carefully, but only do this if you are certain that the strip lash isn’t stuck to your natural lashes. Simply hold one end of the band and carefully peel it away from your eyes. Once completed, place your strip lashes on to the tray once you have clean out any excess mascara or liner. Store them in the tray until you’re ready to use them again.


Bonus Tips

How to retain the eyelash shape? Be sure to store your falsies on the tray it came with to ensure it retains its shape back, and ensure that you maintain cleanliness on the lash feathers/hair.

How to restore the lash curls when it’s gone? There’s a few tricks to this. One simple way would be to use a lash curler and squeeze your lashes, hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat this at the ends of your lashes as well. Another trick you could do is to wrap the lashes around a pencil or the tube of a mascara, and then place a tissue over it to hold the lash down. Next, use a hair dryer on low heat (about 5 inches away from the lashes) to apply some heat for a few seconds. Check the lashes constantly and if need be, apply more heat or change the size of the tube to achieve the right curl size.

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Judy Chen

keep it up! very good read. Cover most of the most basic things but always important to remember to keep the lashes clean and handle them with caution :)

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